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What an amazing story... What a marvelous and deep relationship...  What a spiritual communion... What a wonderful wolf and what a wonderful woman...  You are an artist and he is your muse.  God bless you both.  From the wet, rainy and warm city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

        Susana in Buenos Aires, Argentina                                                         December 28, 2009

I love the cards!!!  Thank you sooooo much!

        Susan in Indiana                                                                                    February 4, 2010

The cards arrived without problem and they are beautiful !!! All the collections featured on the Spirit Wolf Press site are very beautiful !!! Which distributors could I contact to order individual cards?  Blessings.

        Sue in Arizona                                                                                           October 5, 2009

Beautiful products - wow.  Very inspiring!

        Deb in Oregon                                                                                        October 15, 2009

The Spirit of the Wolf design is very interesting and intriguing.  We look forward to starting its distribution with Norsemen Ventures in the Pacific Northwest.

        Jefferson in Washington                                                                            October 7, 2009

Thank you for checking on the order. The cards arrived in perfect condition and are more beautiful in person !!! Let me know when the other designs become available, please. I would also be interested in buying a coffee-table book on the Spirit Wolf whenever it is released.  Thank you again.  Blessings to you and Zahn. 

        Erin in California                                                                                  September 30, 2009

We just received our first Kindred Spirits card and we love it!  We will be showing it to all our friends!  Happy birthday to precious Zahn.

        Tom & Maureen in Florida                                                                           August 23, 2009

The cards are as beautiful as I knew they would be!  Thank you so much for the special Spirit of the Wolf card.  It is lovely!  I am going to have each one framed for my home office wall.  My friend also loves her cards.  She will be sending hers to her special friends and framing one of them :))

        Sue in Canada                                                                                     September 24, 2009

I cannot wait to get your card with the hand and paw touching...just exquisite!  When I saw it, I gasped!  It goes straight to the heart, the “knowing,” the oneness, the necessity.  Thank you, thank you from one wolf woman to another.  The Wild Woman archetype speaks deeply to me and has healed me on many levels. The free and wild spirit in me honors the free and wild spirit in every one of us.  And to Zahn...from my soul to yours...love unbounded.

        Cindy in Kentucky                                                                                      August 22, 2009

I am deeply touched by your work.  As others have commented, your paw and hand photograph is stunning.  It says so much without needing any words.

        Christine in Oregon                                                                                February 14, 2010